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Organic traffic are visits to your website from unpaid sources/searches such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other free to use search engines.

Companies with high levels of organic traffic tend to be far more successful, research shows that organic traffic represents more than 62% of the total traffic a website receives. As such its importance should not be overlooked.

SEO marketing is one way of generating organic traffic by improving the ranking of your website in the search engines, thus making your site more visible online.

Why is Organic Traffic important?

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Well, its importance can be defined by the positive things it brings to your business:

Real traffic not bots: Paid traffic is easily manipulated and there are some companies and individuals out there who will use machines to automate clicks in an effort to gain money from your advertising

These automated clicks are not real traffic, and will give you minimal to no conversion rate. By implementing organic SEO for your website, you are enticing real visitors who may become real customers as there is no monetary incentive to click your links in the search engine.

Achieve a permanent ranking: The number of visitors you receive from paid traffic will eventually dry up if you lower your PPC budget or stop your campaigns altogether.

If your website has gained its rank using natural, organic growth, then this is far more permanent as you have achieved it through a process of developing an interesting and useful website and without paying a fee. If your website has quality content and optimized carefully for Google, Bing and Yahoo you will always enjoy a flow of regular online visitors.

Why SEO Services?

A good online presence : Almost everyone is online today and most will check out reviews and ratings for products and services before making any purchase. Most will use Google or other search engines to look for the products or services they need prior to deciding if they will buy, therefore a good online presence that is reliable and trustworthy is of paramount importance.

A well optimized website that appears at the top of the search rankings puts it in front of potential customers (Eyeballs) and breeds confidence to the web surfer that the website is a professional company who customers can buy from.

Google is the word: Google generates the largest amount of internet traffic for any website. SEO optimization is aimed at improving ranking on the search engines, but the one you really want to rank high in is the big G.

If a website contains information that is valuable to the visitor and those searching for terms that relate to your business, Google will view this as a vote and increase your quality score helping to rank you higher, a good organic SEO strategy will increase your chances of getting that coveted first page slot.

A better conversion rate: If you have good keyword optimization for your products or services, and well written content describing them, you will rank higher in search engines and this will increase the chance of people seeing and visiting your website. As a result traffic to your site will increase helping to give you a better conversion rate.

Using Organic SEO for long-term results: Although PPC advertising produces quick results, they can be fleeting. If your budget decreases or you have to stop PPC campaigns altogether the leads these generate will stop. Results from organic traffic have a longer lasting effect as your ranking is relevant to your website content not how much you pay.

SEO is cost effective: Organic SEO require little in the way of investment. You don’t have to buy any expensive software for analyzing keywords or creating links. You don’t have to pay for an expensive agency to manage your campaigns or reduce the time needed to keep them running.

Organic techniques have no such costs as visitors land on your web page from normal searches. All that is required is optimizing your content for the keywords that are important to your business.

As you can see, traffic coming from organic searches is extremely important for businesses and plays an important role in the success or lack thereof fora business.

By creating using good keywords and creating compelling content you will in time have a better ranking that will boost traffic to your website.


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