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Keeping track of all the daily tasks within a restaurant is a huge task. With so many things to do you can be forgiven for feeling swamped and overwhelmed. There are a variety of POS software out there that can help in this regard and one such solution is a restaurant management system.

A good restaurant POS system will control a huge variety of tasks that would otherwise take up a large amount of time and effort, such as, ordering, billing, stock control, reservation booking and staff management which can be easily controlled, leaving time to concentrate on more important matters, serving customers with great food and ensuring customers are enjoying their dining experience.

How do you know which POS system is right for you? Well, here are a few tips to help you.

A management system will make your inventory control process easier, inventory control is a complex functionality, and doing it manually is laborious and time consuming. A good software solution will make it so much easier to manage, by keeping track of stock levels and giving notification when stock items need to be reordered,  if stock is reaching its use by date or has gone missing and as such help reduce wastage and employee theft.

Having a POS system with inventory stock management will help ensure correct levels of stock are consistently available.

Look for a Restaurant POS system that can process customer orders and billing easily and efficiently. Handheld pc tablets help to enhance this process immensely, allowing customer orders to be taken at the table and sent directly to the preparation area. Customer payments can be easily accepted and dealt with efficiently, via multiple payment methods. Software solutions offer other helpful features to customers for instance, splitting checks, split by amount of guests, split by menu items and printing customised receipts to inform the customer exactly what they have been charged for, all of which can help make the customer experience a more pleasant one and reduce the workload on staff.

POS systems can integrate with accounting packages such as Quick-books, which will save money on accounting costs. Being able to see exactly how much your restaurant is making is necessity for your business planning and can help you make those final tweaks needed to ensure your business is as profitable as it can be.

Finally, when looking at POS systems you will need to decide whether you want to purchase the hardware outright or opt for a leasing option that requires monthly payment terms. POS software can be purchased as a one- time payment with very limited support package. Another option is to pay a monthly or yearly subscription for service and support which is worth considering ensuring your POS software system is kept running smoothly.

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