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All SEO Companies have the same goal, to  help grow a client’s online business in a sustainable manner, thus resulting in increased traffic to the website, providing more sales leads, purchases, and customer interaction through online focused searches.

The goal of an SEO Company is a to provide an intelligent marketing strategy that will drive forward the client’s online business by boosting ranking within the search engines and improving online visibility.

What should SEO Services include?

SEO Services

Breaking down search engine optimisation into individual elements needs to be completed before any work is started.

Search patterns are constantly changing, and a digital marketing campaign needs to be flexible and agile to stay in line with the (TOS) terms of service provided by all major search engines, this is paramount when working to rank any website.

Find an SEO company that has a track record within your niche and is able to provide positive feedback from previous projects completed.

Five important factors you should bear in mind before commencing any SEO.

In-depth Website Audit and Competitor analysis

  • An In-Depth Audit of the website should be completed as a priority in order to completely understand any underlying issues
  • Ensure your website page content has a strong call to action
  • Analysis of Competitor’s websites that are performing (Ranking) well with in your industry
  • Develop an extensive list of primary and secondary keyword phrases your target audience search for, make sure your website content is focused on these phrases


  • Check Meta titles and description tags are optimised for your keyword phrases
  • Check website content is clear, concise, search engine friendly and on point for the products or services you are offering
  • Provide a blog and allow customers to provide feedback
  • Check pages are optimised for keywords related to the content provided on the page.
  • Make sure your website is Https compliant, and your server configured correctly
  • Check your database, web pages and hosting server are secure.
  • Check site structure, page loading speed, size of images, http requests,
  • Develop quality content to share with your users


  • Build a good social media presence through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube being but a few
  • Develop a strategy to garner quality back-links from good authority websites
  • If you have a good marketing budget think about Pay Per Click advertising to run side by side with your campaign

What should an SEO report Contain?

  • An SEO Company should provide are port at least on a monthly basis
  • The report should show all external links that have been provided
  • Any onsite modifications
  • Keyword phrases being worked on and the rank within the search engine of those phrases on a monthly base
  • Any written content that has been provided for the website or back linking purposes.

Conduct split testing and monitor results


  • Not all areas of a website can use A/B split tested, try different form types across product ranges, different call to action pages, different funnel pages to compare results, see which methods bring the highest conversion rates.
  • Try different long tail keyword phrases, these should convert better as the customer will have a more focused experience, these longer tail keywords have a much higher conversion rate but provide a smaller volume of traffic than the more generic terms can offer, generic terms are less likely to convert and much harder to rank.

Many companies look to redesign there website every few years in order to stay fresh and on trend, always think of your customers as your main priority and offer a great service, if a customer is happy they will feed this to another 3 to 5 prospective customers, if they on the other hand have had a bad experience they will tell many, leaving you with a downturn in business.


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