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Reduce Costs

Nowadays POS Software is so versatile, allowing easy installation across a range of mobile devices, with an array of useful features at your fingertips making it easy to manage any type of restaurant.

In certain cases there may be the opportunity to request additional features and enhancements that help to improve the software, providing your software provider feels this is useful to other users they may agree to add certain requests as no additional costs.

POS Systems offer greater flexibility for all types of Hospitality venues, by allowing mobile devices to be added without any interruption to the day to day business operations thus reducing costs. With the advances in technology giving us access to more powerful cheaper hardware, it’s now a no brainier to add handheld devices to the system giving both speedier delivery and a better customer experience.

Staff and management time is saved, when the correct hardware and POS Software are purchased by a restaurateur who realises the benefits on offer. It is important to recognise when looking to purchase a solution that not only a fast reliable pc is obtained but it works in unison with well-developed pos software that will be maintained and updated on a regular base by a company who listens to their customer demands.

Yes this does come at a cost, but if you are given the choice of having your POS System maintained and kept up to date with any software changes that benefit both guests and staff, but also offers the necessary management tools to improve and increase the profitability of your restaurant business, this must be worth considering.

Ease of use for Staff and Management

POS Solutions are developed to be intuitive for the user and offer diners a positive dining experience. Staff can quickly and easily process the customer requirements, from ordering through to final payment transactions, improving the efficiency for everyone within the restaurant, by servicing tables in an orderly manner and ensuring a good experience is had by all. When a diner is ordering, an intuitive POS System allows for any diner to make any modifications or preparations that an individual customer may require to their menu order, the order copy is sent directly to the correct preparation area by the pos system, or can be shown for preparation on a KDS (kitchen display system). Payment options are easily tailored to how a customer wishes to settle their bill, this can be completed by either producing a customer final receipt or sent to the customer’s e-Mail account. All of these flexible options help to ensure a positive outcome for both customer and staff, who can easily manage individual orders quickly, efficiently saving valuable service time from start to finish.

Recorded Operations

POS Systems provide restaurant businesses with the opportunity to produce the necessary reports and records of payment transactions and sales. An inventory system controls all stock purchases and movement of stock. Management reports are an essential way to check how your business is performing, allowing management to monitor and improve poorly performing product items or staffing individuals.There are many sales and reporting features, which allows management to control all areas of a restaurant business, whether the management are on or offsite.

Software Integration

The continued improvement in technology allows software vendors to update and integrate with other hospitality platforms; these are available for a business to improve the functionality of a POS System. This can be anything from accounts software, through to an online ordering platform to increase sales, as well as a staffing module to control staff hours, staff payment, holidays and all other areas of staff control and management, merchant payment can be easily integrated into your current system by your software supplier or if your system allows by a third party add-on. Most integrated features will provide another dimension to your restaurant needs and should provide vital information for your business to develop and grow

Customer service

The biggest plus factor for POS Systems is access to cheaper powerful mobile tablet devices which can be used by staff, allowing greater flexibility when serving and attending to a customer needs, whilst offering your valuable customer a loyalty rewards program, which is offered to all returning clients by collecting relevant customer information, you will be able to check their spend details and reward them accordingly, all of this information should be kept secure by the business.

Businesses that offer loyalty rewards should gain positive customer satisfaction and tailor the rewards to the customer order preferences, leading to better business efficiency and focus as well as providing important information regarding your customers dining preferences.

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