As we all know there is a shelf life to everything, but when your current POS System is not meeting all of your  restaurant demands and more importantly your customer needs, then action is required,especially as your business develops and grows whilst trying to compete in today’s demanding hospitality market place.

Software within the hospitality sector is continually evolving to keep pace with the advances in hardware technology, developers can now design solutions with complexity, integrating with mobile phones, tablets, online payment and booking solutions as well as many new peripheral devices such as rfid, fingerprint and voice recognition for improved security control. With this kind of technology available to developers, they have the ability to design more powerful software solutions to take care of all areas with an business, this could mean your old software may be several steps behind your competitors, giving them the edge in online booking, restaurant management and stock control.

If your system is old, slow, outdated, and does not provide you full control,its time to replace it with a much faster smaller system.

Today’s new technology has come down in price considerably making it a very good investment for your restaurant or eatery.

No longer just a management tool for billing and ordering, today’s restaurant businesses require an expandable robust and fast solution that can deliver.

The newer restaurant management POS Software solutions offer all of the necessary management features to efficiently run a restaurant business effectively.

Check out these the questions below to check if any match your current restaurant issues.

  • Is it costing you too much time and money to use and maintain?
  • Is the system easy and efficient to use, for you and your staff, is it intuitive in how it deals with customer orders and today’s preferred payment methods!
  • Is it slow in responding to meet the level of today’s service requirements?
  • Is it unable to give the necessary detailed data reports you need!
  • Is it capable of capturing and rewarding customer loyalty?
  • Does it have good security and offline cloud backup support
  • Is it able to change prices and or menu items easily?
  • Is it able to automatically take table reservations!
  • Is it able to control all areas of staff scheduling?
  • Is it flexible, functional in allowing other terminals and peripherals to be added?
  • Are you able to login remotely to monitor your sales and view reports

If your answer to any of these questions is no then it’s time for a change to your restaurant software.

Don’t waste time trying to make the old system work, it’s not only a waste of manpower but can lose your business money in the long run.

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