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A great many students, academics, and business people gamble with their written work. Wanting to get the job done quickly, they write it and hand it in (or publish it) without checking it over thoroughly. As a professional proofreading and content writer myself, I find this approach objectionable for several reasons. “What’s wrong with it?” I hear you ask, “I do this a lot, and I’ve never had problems.”

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Proofreading Services


Well, in short, my main objection to this is that publishing your work, submitting your article to your journal, or handing it to your university lecturer without having it professionally proofread is too close to gambling for comfort.

Many people have gambled and come out on top, but I wouldn’t say this outcome is the norm. As a general rule, if we don’t have to gamble on something, and can get a desired result without gambling, that is probably the way to go. A good definition of gambling is that it is an act of taking a risk in the hope of getting a desired outcome. While, in my view, there may be nothing inherently wrong with gambling ,there is a time and a place for it.

Your business writing, your academic paper, and your essay are certainly not things you should be gambling over. Given how important these documents are, and given that gambling is not necessary to achieve great results, I think everyone can agree on this.

So, I argue that, since not having a professional proofreader (or even a friend or relative who is offering strong proofreading services) look over your work before submitting it runs an incredible risk, it can be considered an act of gambling that is not called for.

Even if you don’t agree with my argument, there are several other very clear reasons why you need a professional proofreading service provider. You might not be convinced that avoiding having your written work, checked over is similar to gambling, so let me draw attention to some other critical points.

First, human error is a universal and unavoidable fact. We all know that even the best writers often make grammar and spelling mistakes. If you’ve ever handed in the first draft of a paper that didn’t contain any mistakes, that is more due to luck than anything else. Getting a qualified person to remove these errors from your work is, therefore, an essential part of the writing process.

Second, if something is worth writing, it is worth getting it right. You might think that your university lecturer or publisher may overlook the grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing because it contains so many ground-breaking insights. While that may be true, communicating these insights in an accurate and error-free way is a duty you owe to your readers.

And finally, errors – no matter how small – can undermine your reputation and cost you customers or important employment opportunities. In business, what customers think about a brand is partly coloured by written content. After all, poorly written adverts and product descriptions can undermine your credibility, casting doubt on your company’s ability to provide good products or services.

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